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If you have a conservatory already you'll be aware of how the typical British weather and temperature can have an effect on the comfort and usability of your conservatory.


We often hear comments from our customers that their existing conservatory is just too hot in summer and too cold in winter. This is a very common problem and one we are proud to offer a solution to

5 reasons we recommend a warm roof:


  • Save on energy bills

  • A usable room all year round

  • Add value to your property

  • Wide range of colours to suit all types of properties

  • Increases sound proof


Safeview Home Improvements are proud to present the Warm Roof as an excellent solution to this seasonal temperature issue in conservatories.


Having many years’ experience fitting Replacement Roofs in across the North West of England, we are satisfied this is the best possible solution to temperature issues in your conservatory

Your stylish garden space is guaranteed to never rot or warp and will never require painting or staining!

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